Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Halloween!

October in Michigan...it means apple cider and donuts, hay rides to the pumpkin patch, lots o leaves, and of course, trick or treating. Juliet was a cupcake this year for Halloween. I think I'm the only one who knew this because her costume looked more like a cupcake on the hanger than it did on my daughter. I don't think she minded, and I was just happy that she kept her hat on-it made the outfit, and it only took a little bribing with a binkie on my part. We showcased her cute as a cupcake costume at the library, then met Matt downtown for trick or treating on Main Street. Juliet was a little unsure of everything at first, but by the end she was happily picking out the worst candy known to man (think laffy taffy and hard candies) and placing it in her pumpkin bucket. Overall, it was a successful Halloween, and next year we might even venture out after nap and go door to door. I just hope it will be in a costume that people recognize. My favorite comment, "I thought she was a box of Mike and Ike's."-classic.

                                                                   Three Cedars Farm

                                                          Trick or Treating on Main Street
                                                  They only had chocolate covered candy...
                 I didn't even have to show her how to eat the candy. I did have to show her how to unwrap it.
                                                             HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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