Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What's in a name?

I have never had a blog before (and for those of you who "blog", this is quite obvious). I wanted a way I could keep track of my life, of Juliet's adorable moments, and of my family's events that others can enjoy as well. I have been sitting on this blog for awhile because I could not think of a name. Originally, I had thought of "Just Breathe". That is my daily mantra. That one sentence got me through finals, through my first IV stick on a human, through labor, and through traffic this afternoon. It just didn't sound right for a blog; at least not a blog about my family. My life feels like a fairy tale sometimes, and everyday I strive to live happily ever after. So, after much cheesiness (I swear, it won't happen again!), I welcome you to my blog.