Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Precious was an amazing, furry friend. Sadly, she ended her battle with cancer today. Her only symptom began a week ago when we found her sagging her rear end, and eventually dragging her legs. She was not in pain. We tried antibiotics for a possible infection found on an x-ray and blood work, and then tried Prednisone for swelling. Unfortunately, her quality of life did not improve and we had to face the inevitable. I'm really going to miss her and no other kitten will compare to how amazing and beautiful she was.

Her favorite food was tuna (cheap, white trash tuna, that is).
She loved laying in the sun.
She was the cleanest being and kept at it til the end.
She embarrassed easily, especially when you witnessed her falling off window ledges or into ponds.
She could punch better than Sugar Ray and took out a duck and a few birds with that mean right hook.
Her favorite spot to sleep was on Matt's clean clothes or school papers.
She had a love hate relationship with Regan, Juliet, and Matt.
She loved to play "chase".
She loved to dress up.
She loved to play "string" and hated fake mice.
She hid under our bed for a month when she was accidentally shaved at the groomers.
She hid under the bed for another month when we got Regan.
She would slowly walk into the middle of the road and sit there while cars would (thankfully) drive around her.
She was very territorial and chased cats out of our yard, then their yard, then their neighbor's yard.
She found the best hiding places in our house, including balancing on hangers in the closet.

I'm so thankful I was blessed with 16 wonderful years of Precious' presence. May she rest peacefully in kitty heaven.