Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

What a fun-filled Easter weekend! We started it out with an Easter Egg Hunt at Domino Farms. It was a blast! Juliet met the Easter Bunny, played with the farm animals, went on a hay ride, and participated in an Easter Egg Hunt. It was our first experience with a big Easter Egg Hunt, and it was very enjoyable. Unfortunately, I forgot Juliet's Easter basket. Luckily, we were given egg cartons to turn in later for a prize, so we made do with the egg carton and diaper bag. I also had to coax Juliet into picking up eggs by asking her to "help me clean up".

Later that day, we went to a wonderful pot luck. Juliet didn't even need coaxing for the Easter Egg Hunt this time, and had no problem picking up eggs. Unfortunately, we forgot her basket AGAIN!

Today was very low key. Juliet hunted the eggs she dyed herself, and Regan even joined in on the fun. Regan ran around licking all the eggs. I guess that's what I get for using actual hard boiled eggs.
Juliet loved dying eggs (Note: No mess dye kit my arse)

Finally-a "no-cry" Easter Bunny pic!

Hay ride

Minor pit stop while we waited for a cow to move

Juliet loved the goats, alpaca, and "big pig"

"Mom, this isn't an Easter Egg basket"

Juliet was very patient at the starting line

Action shot-this is why plastic bags shouldn't be banned. Impromptu Easter Egg basket

Grrrr. Give me candy!

Regan enjoyed the eggs too


  1. Yay, a blog post! We are glad you guys had a fun Easter. I agree. . .whoever labels things "no mess" obviously has never been around kid before.

  2. Haha-no kidding! I almost did a post on just the no-mess kit. Thank goodness for comet. I do have pretty sweet before and after pics of my counter top. Next year we'll do the old fashioned wire and cups. Sadly, it wasn't even Juliet making the mess! Of course, she didn't help matters when she started splashing her hands in my dye puddles.

    I'm sure you guys had a fab Easter too. The boys looked ridiculously adorable in their dress clothes. Target had the cutest clip on ties but I figured you already had something picked out.